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  • Thu Sep 1, 2016Enter the Firaxis Store Giveaway!

    Back in July we were excited to open the Firaxis Store where fans could buy exclusive XCOM, Civilization, and merchandise from our games. We’re even more excited today to announce the Firaxis Store Giveaway! Fans will have the opportunity to win a HUGE assortment of Firaxis goodies simply by going to ou...Read More

  • Mon Jul 11, 2016Check out the Firaxis Store for Exclusive Items

    The XCOM 2 Studio Gift Pack is only around for a limited time!We’re happy to announce that a new store dedicated to Firaxis Games has opened shop. You can head on over to the Firaxis Store right now and peruse the wares! To celebrate this occasion, we’ve produced a very limited quantity of the ...Read More

  • Fri Jan 30, 2015Sid Meier Demos Starships at PAX South

    On January 24th, Sid Meier took the stage at the first ever PAX South with Civilization: Beyond Earth Lead Designers, Will Miller and David McDonough. They discussed Sid’s new game Starships and its connection with Beyond Earth. At the end of the panel, Sid gave a demo of his explosive new adventure-driven strate...Read More

  • Fri Feb 28, 2014Do you ever move your settler?

    Does moving your first Settler ruin your chance to win a game of Civ? Read about how the team answered the question in the Escapist, and in our latest Dev Blog!​...Read More

  • Fri Feb 7, 2014XCOM: Enemy Within wins DICE Award for Best Strategy Game

    ​XCOM Enemy Within was the winner of the 2014 DICE Award for Best Strategy/Simulation Game! Lead Designer Ananda Gupta accepted the award on behalf of the team. Civilization V: Brave New World was also nominated in the category of Best Strategy Game. Congratulations to both teams!...Read More

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Sat Sept 3, 2016

Civilization VI - Firaxis Megapanel

Join the strategy masterminds behind the award-winning Sid Meier’s Civilization VI at the Firaxis Megapanel

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